Our external IT service provider has been the victim of a cyber-attack, that has affected access to some of our core systems.

We have established an Incident Response Team and engaged specialist external advice, including forensic experts, to understand the impacts on our business and any client data that may be affected.

At this stage, we are not aware of any confidential or client information that has been impacted, but investigations are continuing.

We have reported the incident to the relevant regulatory authorities, including the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, New Zealand Law Society, CERT, and Land Information New Zealand.

The IT provider and Horsley Christie, through its external advisers, are also working with the NZ Police and Government cyber security agencies.

We take our obligations to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our data very seriously.

We are sorry for any impact this may have or concern caused.  We are committed to keeping our clients informed as more facts become available.

Given the sensitive nature of this communication we would be grateful if you kept it confidential.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the partner leading our Response Team, John Unsworth on 06 349 0090 or [email protected]