Glenda and Lloyd Menges South Africa

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September 17, 2023

As a couple who decided to make New Zealand our home, we never dreamt that this journey could turn into a roller coaster ride of emotions and red tape.

We decided to make the move to New Zealand in 2019 and the process was started. Lloyd was offered a job to start in February 2020 and I would follow in April to have my visa stamped and in December 2020 our daughter and myself would relocate and our sons would follow.However, no one anticipated COVID and what that would do to all our well-thought out plans. And that is where our roller coaster ride started. Lloyd moved in February 2020 and by April the world had shut down travel of any kind. Our long waiting game began. With no answers and no end in sight in February 2021, Lloyd and his boss, went to a breakfast about immigration and met Joamari. A God send if ever there was one. And although it was a long road, Joamari got our visas approved. Unfortunately, not at the same time due to certain complications with regards to our original application, but
I arrived in September 2021 and our daughter’s visa was approved in March 2022. Unfortunately, our son’s visas were not approved as they were both now over the age of being included in our family visa.

Joamari, is extremely professional and thorough in all that she did to get our application through with the least amount of backwards and forwards, and although the process was stressful, Joamari was efficient and made sure that everything that was needed was included in the applications. Her attention to detail is faultless and as a result once our applications were submitted, we did not need to resubmit any further documentation.

Joamari never left any stone unturned and used all the resources at her disposal, going higher up the immigration channels to get answers. If it was not for Joamari, we would still not have had our visas approved. Joamari, made sure that New Zealand became our new home and for that we are eternally grateful.