Petro Viljoen and family South Africa

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September 17, 2023

Besides having to cope with the challenges, adjustments, anxiety, and stress immigrating to another country, dealing with the whole Immigration process, from applying for visas and all the requirements going along with it, is the most stressful part of doing this. From our experience, the best advice I can give anyone wanting to immigrate is not to try and go through the process on your own. Get a GOOD Immigration lawyer to support and help you through this very frustrating and painful process.

We have been through a few Immigration advisors and lawyers through the years without any real success until we found you. What made the difference for us dealing with you at Horsley Christi was your knowledge and understanding of the stressful situation for us and giving us an honest expectation of the process. Having someone who understand our fears and worry made a huge difference.

Once again, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge around the legalities and preparing a comprehensive application dotting all the T’s – I feel that this played the most important part in our final success gaining residency.